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Jasmine Bespoke suits and garments are sophisticated, sharp, and tailored to your body and style. Wearing Jasmine Bespoke will make you feel confident, clean, sexy, bold, defined and refined. We will bring out the best in you, because we put nothing but our passion and the best materials and craftsmanship in all of our products.

One of my favorite quotes is one by Tom Ford, which we strive to live by: “Your clothes and the silhouette of your body should tell a story.” At Jasmine Bespoke, we make our clothes in harmony with your body, your image. Because we form fit each measurement to you, your Jasmine Bespoke suits, shirts and accessories, following your sillouette, project your most natural style in a way that makes style sense.


“When you buy a Jasmine Bespoke suit or shirt or any of our garments, you will be sure to get a piece of my passion, and you will feel my passion for my clients and my clothes. This drive is what makes my suits. I choose fashion as not only my career, but fashion as a lifestyle, and fashion as a language. Fashion is my world.”

Majored from the Fashion Institute of Technology and through my experience as a designer, I´ve learned that you not only need the eye for beauty and mind of creativity, but to make it happen, you need that technical perspective. I am a tailor by background; so I make sure that my custom tailors have the skills to perfect every hand stitch. Just as importantly, my tailors are visual perfectionists, like me. We are detail oriented and have that obsession that is necessary to make and be the best. The care and love that we put into each garment is very important to all of us at Jasmine Bespoke, and especially for me, when I see a great suit that has the slightest mistake, I feel it is such a waste of fine European fabrics, and the hours of hand stitching. Every Silhouette has a proper structure and we do whatever it takes to make our garments flow, creating that “pop” that we all want when we buy something for ourselves or for our loved ones.

When you wear a Jasmine Bespoke suit or shirt, we think that you´re not only going to look your best, but you´re going to feel your best. We don´t take our designs and see if they will work for you. We take a general idea of the season’s trendy look, but we help you match the fabrics and the options and accessories to your look and to your style. I named my business Jasmine Bespoke, because I am Jasmine, and Bespoke is what we do. Bespoke means to customize. So I bring my sense of style but customize it for you and to you. Whatever we help customize together for you will make you feel great because you´ll be comfortable that our garments will fit your energy and your looks. It will just look and feel right, and that makes it pop.

At Jasmine Bespoke, we sell you a great look, a great feel with soft high quality fabrics, and more of a lifestyle than a single product. We´ll help you look sharp and feel confident and great.
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